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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 5, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. well, we went right into a summertime pattern, if you liked cloud, you will like today's summertime highs. there is something startling about mexican immigrants, why they are most likely to become legal citizens. it may come as no surprise, the bay area is one of the most congested areas in the country, we will tell you what it is costing you in time and money. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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welcome to a brand-new day, use it february 5th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, thank you for joining us, let's check in with steve, there is definitely a lot of clouds around this big moon, so it's going to be foggy today? >> it is. >> did you see the moon? >> no. >> i would love to chat but there is a few high clouds coming in with a system and it is going to be cool today mainly 50s, here is sal. >> thank you, traffic is moving along to the willow pass grade with no major issues and also the morning drive on the san mateo bridge has no major fog problems, let's go back to the desk. police in the east bay are searching for the hit-and-run driver who injured a mother and her two children. it happened on crest view drive and all leg savage is at the --
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alex savage is at the scene to tell us why this happened. >> reporter: they were making their way to crest view drive and they were in this crosswalk when a car slammed into them last night. investigators found the car involved but the driver is nowhere to be found. investigators say it is a dangerous street and it is dark and cars are always going fast. this was the scene after the crash around 6:00 last night. one of the children was airlifted by paramedics to another hospital and one was driven to the hospital and the woman hurt was transported by ambulance as well. now police at the scene could not give us information about their specific injuries but we saw one of the kids was riding a bike which had a tag on it meaning it was obviously new. the other child was being pushed in some kind of
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stroller. the driver is still on the loose this morning but they found the car. one neighbor said crest view drive has always been dangerous especially after dark. >> when it gets a little dark, there is no street lights there so that is the bad thing, that there is no street light. people coming around that corner, last second they would not see that person. >> reporter: they spent the evening collecting evidence and they took away the damaged bike and stroller as well. they are trying to track down the driver of the car in the hit-and-run crash certainly the abandoned car will be an important clue for them. i did look for an update and the dispatcher i spoke with could not give me any information but i am told the sergeant will call me sometime later this morning. as soon as we get more information we will pass it on
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to you. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. a search for the woman's body was called off after they found a woman's body. they have not confirmed that it was her body. she was last seen swimming in the river with two men. a search was launched after one of the men reported her missing. they are not commenting and an autopsy is planned this week. police in san jose beat a 74-year-old woman during a home invasion last week. take a look at this picture, he is described as a latino man with thin build and light couldn't flex and the attack -- light complexion and the woman and her daughter were attacked before the suspect ransacked
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the home. last night council appointed somebody to replace gary bell. bell was elected back in november but his family said a severe sinus infection has left him in a coma. council voted 4-2 in favor of the replacement. he ran before but he was not among the top go getters. >> i am surprised, i am definitely surprised, but you know i was cautiously optimistic going into this. >> reporter: by a pointing him, they will save $2 million holding a special election and he will be sworn in later today. the president is hosting two separate meetings, one with immigration leaders and the
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other with ceos of major u.s. companies. the president wants to get input on immigration reform from both sides. there are fewer mexican who have become eligible and 60% of none eligible mexican have become sit sins and that's according to the center but only of% of fellow mexican have. this is a report for those not applying because of lack of english skills, not having that $680 application fee and fear of not passing the citizenship test. the debate on medical marijuana is about to heat up. they are scheduled to hear arguments on whether they can ban retail dispins tries --
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dispensaries for legal use. they are voting to not outlaw this. they are working on changes to federal marijuana laws and coming up at 5:15 the legislation lawmakers have been working on quietly and the name change that is being introduced into the proposal. it is as bad as los angeles and it ranges right near the list of cities with bad traffic. tara moriarty joins us to tell us how much time we spend stuck in traffic and how much money it costs us. this is 580 through livermore and you can see it sounds like and looks like arrays way and in just an hour -- a raceway and in just about an hour, traffic will extend for miles. it shows that the san francisco
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bay area ranked highest in 2011 and that year the study found commuters in traffic ridden cities spent 5.5 billion extra hours sitting in traffic and they also burn 3 billion gallons of gas. that is a question of breaking down to more than $800 in waisted time and gas money and on a daily basis, drivers should set aside 30 to 90 minutes to arrive on top. coming up we will tell you which topped the list and in a him the, it was not -- hint, it was not los angeles. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. 507 is the time, hope -- 5:07 is the time, hopefully nobody is waiting in traffic. >> well, they are looking to see if anything is big out
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there and sometimes that causes delays but right now we have had a couple of problems and first we will look at 880 where it always gets heavy early especially coming from vallejo into richmond. although it is not stop and go, we have people on the road and people are trying to beat the traffic getting onto the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time is not bad getting into san francisco. tara, we are looking at 580 here, i'm sorry, this is -- les start that again. you are looking at a live picture in san francisco. we can put up the livermore map and 580, drive time, it is not bad between grant line road and 680 and it's as bad as it gets with no major problems on the way. let's go to steve. well, mostly cloudy, a combination of high clouds and low clouds, but mostly sunny, we'll see the system coming in
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to scour a little bit. it is not enough to give us a complete break down on the fog. light rain but mainly turning colder on thursday and friday and this is not much of a system coming in. that will not be until thursday and the one we have is losing its strength and moving away from its energy source. it has increased fog and maybe we will have a front coming in giving us some local drizzle but by afternoon low and high clouds and it will be cooler for everybody. yesterday we had a minor league summertime pattern. low 50s on the coast and mid- 60s inland. at oakland 49 and a half moon bay 48. that system will fall apart and it might produce a little bit of rain up towards mendocino county. big fog bank and more of a
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westerly breeze which means cool temperatures and low-to- mid right about 60s for a couple. redwood city, san mateo 57 and that's cool for them. fog sun cool, a little better on wednesday and we cloud up on thursday but we will have some light rain and the week deb looks sun -- weekend looks sunny and cool. overseas, it appears to be torture, what they are saying about cia interrogation techniques. good morning highway 4 traffic looks pretty good here so far but it is getting busy on the way to concord, we will have another traffic check minutes ahead. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, 5:13 is the time and there are new details about the mental state of an iraq war veteran shooting a navy seal at a texas shooting range. he threatened to kill his family and himself and he was also treated at the same mental hospital after a woman called police and said she feared for his safety. she said he suffered from postraumatic particular stress disorder and has been charged
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with murder. more than 50 nations played a role in the torture of suspects. that is according to a new report by the justice initiative which is a human rights organization. 54 nations hosted cia black sites where prisoners faced harsh interrogation methods including torture. at american embassies overseas has passed the senate and it is now headed to the house. they are allowing the state department to use billions of dollars in funding which was once earmarked and this comes after chris stevens and four other americans were attacked. a suicide bomber injured a guard at the u.s. embassy in turkey. they plan to revise federal
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marijuana laws and as kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, they should regulate marijuana similar to alcohol. >> reporter: pam, they are pushing congress to end its 75 year marijuana prohibition. instead, the bill would require growers to 0 obtain -- to obtain a federal permit and they would no longer have oversight instead they would take -- would be taken over by alcohol and tobacco and bring it to a state where it is legal and in colorado they are leading the way with today's proposals. mitch mcconnell is trying to legalize it in his home state
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of kentucky. with barbara boxer, i reached out and i have yet to hear back from her but we have information from the group that introduced the bill today and we will hear more when i see you next, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. barry bonds goes back to court for an appeal hearing. he is fighting his conviction on obstruction of justice charges. they concluded he gave misleading answers which are talking about his alleged steroid use. those judges were appointed by three democrat particular presidents. mayor ed lee is working to create a permanent nonprofit group which is focused on bringing major sporting events to san francisco. he got the idea raising money
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for the america's cup race. he would help ease the transition between bidding and hosting events. in the meantime, they are a finalist in the battle to host super bowl 50. the battle could improve the bay area's chances and we will explain why. time now 5:25. market street may affect mission street as well. they are thinking about a plan to move buses and move them to market street instead. moving buses from mission to market will create a faster commute for riders and create a safer area for cycle lists. they are trying to make it a transit area for tourists and
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bicyclists. 880 and 580 are busy but you still have room before it gets super congested. 880 for example traffic is moving well and you are looking good down to downtown oakland with the same thing interstate 880 as you get over to the 90 interchange. as a matter of fact from grand line to dumbarton it is getting more crowded as we speak. this weak system is falling apart and we could get some light rain to the north. our cloud forecast keeps a lot of low clouds and here comes the higher clouds, we will not scour out until tonight and for some it will be a very gray
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day. a lot of low clouds, drizzle here and it has already pushed way, way inland. a little more of a cooler air mass and 40s on the temperatures and it is 48 in san francisco, we had a lot of 30s while cloud cover came through and it will give us a cloudy day. thursday we will have some light rain but more in the way of colder air and higher clouds will continue to march in so the combination gives us a mostly cloudy day even though it is weakening rapidly. coast and bay, i think mid-50s has it and fog, sun, a little better, more sun and we cloud up and it has mainly colder air and it will be really cold and sunny and warmer on sunday. european markets are up and
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that's after tensions over the european economy led to a rough trading day. and in the east, hong kong had its worst trading day of the year and checking in on our numbers, our futures indicate a pretty good opening yesterday. downed day as the dow jones industrial average tests that 1400 level and s&p 500 is crossing back and forth at 1,500. markets had their worst day of the year so far. time now for for a new -- for a new battle over marriage, this one divides the entire country. two trucks went into the canal, stay tuned.
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. well come a back, time now 5:23, a dramatic collision between two trucks, reportedly the driver of the red dodge had a problem and sent both trucks smashing through a chain link fence and they ended up on the edge of the canal. the trucks ended up under a ditch and they did not end up in the water. one driver had minor injuries
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and the other driver was not hurt at all. well a director is being asked to make a movie about the newtown connecticut shootings. this movie project has upset a lot of people in ridgefield. they say they will reject permits but so far that movie director has not contacted them. british parliament is permitted to save same sex marriage. they say marriage should only be between a man and woman and some say it is wrong to exclude people simply because they love somebody of the same sex.
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they will find out if they are going to host the stadium and in santa clara it is on track to open for the 2014 season and they are now look locked to win and they are scheduled to win and bring many big bucks to the super bowl area. >> this will bring millions of dollars to the area for hosting the super bowl and we think that will happen as well. >> they want them to know there is no possibility of a blackout like the one in new orleans and the state-of-the-art facility will have its own power plant and electricity service. the at&t national pro amp
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star, the tournament begins thursday and he will try to tie the record of 5 victories at pebble beach. last year's victory gave him four titles and that sent him smashing. sal, what is happening in the south bay right now? >> well it is getting crowded on 280 and 880, and it is more crowded but it's not stop and go and you still have an opportunity as we look at the chp list we don't have a lot going on but these things change by the minute but right now we are still in good shape. let's look at the commute on the southbound peninsular and right now that is the drive time and 280 is looking good, 526, let's go to steve. -- 5:26 let go to steve. there is a lot more 40s
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locally weak system is coming in under mostly cloudy skies and we will be in the 50s and very low 60s. >> they gave their team as he hosts the super bowl. what will mark the end over the season. we will talk about gun control and what the town is doing about it >> plus, why traffic in the bay area is just as bad as los angeles. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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. well, good morning, this is use it february 5th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, we are a bit in a fog, i guess, let's check in with steve. there are still some pockets of fog, nearly 40s and 50s and some 30s around, 50s on the high today, mostly cloudy cool day, here is sal. you can see traffic is doing well but it is already busy in antioch, not so bad in bay point. and as you look, roadwork has
5:33 am
been smooth, let's go back to dave and pam. there is a new study confirming what you already know, the bay area has some of the worst traffic and here is more to explain why traffic near san francisco is just as bad as los angeles, tara? >> reporter: this is just a horribly congested stretch every single day and it will only get worse over the next few hours. a new study says they ranked high on the list of most congested areas in the u.s. in 2011. the northern virginia area topped the list for the 4th year in a row and it was followed by los angeles and san francisco, then came new york, boston, houston, atlanta chicago and philadelphia.
5:34 am
now they found traffic and people spent 5.5 billion hours and they waste more than $8 billion in gas. numbers are so crazy high and for you in 2011 it broke down to more than $800 in waisted gas money not to mention the pollution. we will talk about why you should set aside extra time to get through the areas and it could become worse, and we will explain why it's not necessarily a bad thing, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are investigating the city's homicide and last time it was found near lane road. a girl was killed in a park
5:35 am
in fairfield and a memorial is growing where her body was found. police say she was strangled and they are following up on leads and hope to finds the suspect who killed her. yesterday grieve counselors were at the school helping other children deal with her loss. the town of los gatos has its own debate over guns, and they will give us more details and what all this controversy is about, jeanine? >> reporter: this store has only been open for a couple of months and already it is generating a lot of controversy. i am holding e-mails and these are letters for and against. now the team is talking about a prior town meeting where people voice their opinion but last night it was packed.
5:36 am
hundreds of people showed up even though they have a right to run their business, people were outraged there was no public review or a meeting prior to its opening in december. people are also upset it is located close to schools and now they are looking into tightening its policy on the sale of firearms. for the sale of guns it would require i.d. checks and whether to find out if los gatos is appropriate for selling guns. it just follows state laws and they are concerned over the future of their business. they say it took a year to get through all the regular sorry system. they have the lawyer in watching this issue because they are concerned about it and later on we will get in touch
5:37 am
with the parties involved to figure out what everybody thoughts are going forward. ktvu channel 2 morning news. and he is asking to pass gun control measures. he held a round table discussion and calls for universal background checks. >> the vast majority of americans including the majority of gun owners, support requiring criminal background checks for anybody trying to buy a gun. >> the white house said he chose to make his remarks in minneapolis because of the successful gun prevention efforts. some parents and teachers are calling for major reform in the union school district. they have set up a facebook page urging support to removal merrill grant -- superintendent
5:38 am
merrill grant. they are upset it took so long to get rid of him after hurting a special needs student. superintendent grant failed to respond aspected. and they have that 6th super bowl rink which is a couple of yards short and in just a couple of hours, the teams will be clearing out their lockers. this was yesterday, hundreds of loyal fans came out when they had an incredible come back attempt at the super bowl but it ended in a heartbreaking loss. 49ers are due to clear out their lockers at 8:00 this morning and they will be gathered for the last team meeting before jim harbaugh
5:39 am
holds its final news conference of the season. >> and the fans are bordered here and there is collin kaepernick there, they are welcoming the team back and said thank you for a terrific season and they are confident they will be back in the super bowl next year. jed york was quick to acknowledge those loyal fans and he sent out a tweet, huge thank you to some of the faithful fans cheering us on at the airport, greatly appreciated. well the 49ers may not have won the super bowl but you fans will get a consolation prize : coming up, the sweet treat that will be coming in san francisco and when you can get it. >> i just tweeted that out. if you log on to twitter you will find out. >> the hash tag we have is ktvu
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mornings. they have the twitter team is here and dave tweets as well. >> oh. >> a lot of us are on twitter, you just search our names and we are there at your service. bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic as well. there are no major problems on the bridge and drive time is less than five minutes and i am afraid it will not stay this way for much longer but moving along it's good. if you are driving to the bay shore freeway, it looks good going to san bruno and if you are driving on the peninsular further down, the drive time between san bruno and 380 is still short. 280 is looking good and it looks good from half-moon bay to pacifica. >> i love twitter, sal. you learn so much on that, it
5:41 am
is amazing. a lot of slow clouds around. >> morning fog, probably more patchy and this looks one and done but the system right there looks like it will make it thursday but i would not expect to much. it really has ramped up the fog so mostly cloudy and they are hard pressed to warm up so look for a lot of 50s. although i know not, almost everybody locally is in the 40s. two fronts are washing out and again it is packing more cold air and after the clouds get
5:42 am
pushed inland and they are already pretty far inland, big fog bank coast and bay but a westerly breeze is in place and i think mid-50s covers it. we are still on the cool side and we cloud up and you will notice wind kicking in and sunday and monday looks breezezy and warmer. dramatic crash involving a stolen jeep, check out where a surveillance video caught it on camera. we will go to the place where a young boy was finally freed after a week of being held hostage. good morning, traffic is moving along well on the bay area commute and you will
5:43 am
designs of problems, we will tell you more straight ahead. -- you will see signs of problems we will tell you more
5:44 am
straight ahead.
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. good morning, it will be a mostly cool day, temperatures mainly in the 50s. all right, steve good morning, welcome back here are some of the top stories we are following, police in the east bay are searching for a hit-and- run driver who injured a mother and two children, this happened on crest view drive in pittsburgh. it is not -- they found the car not far from the scene but there is no seen of that driver. there is a new study in san francisco traffic -- for san francisco traffic and it is considered the worst in the
5:46 am
country. and local governments can ban medical marijuana dispen are yous and -- dispensaries and congress is looking to change laws. a five-year-old boy after being kidnapped is back with his mother after spending a week can his captor and here is more on why their work is far from over. >> reporter: good morning, this young boy was held captive underground for several days but in the last 48 hours something changed and police decided they needed to act. >> reporter: just shy of his birthday, five-year-old ethan is back where he belongs with his family. they rescued the boy in mid- land city alabama where he was held hostage for nearly a week. >> he is laughing joking
5:47 am
playing, eating, the things would you expect a normal five to six-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: negotiations with the boy's abductor jimmy lee dykes broke down monday afternoon. they took the young -- jimmy lee dykes took the young boy off a school bus, and authorities feared for the boy's safety and stormed the underground retreat. >> i believe i heard a shot. >> give us a sense of how loud of a boom. >> very loud? >> yes, it literally made me jump off the ground. >> reporter: jimmy lee dykes was shot and killed. ethan was reunited with his family at a local hospital. his uncle said he was kept overnight and they have many days of work ahead of them but this morning the entire community is sharing a
5:48 am
collective sense of relief. >> these men and women, they are parents as well and it is a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> reporter: now behind me police are processing the crime scene but there is a bit of good news. ethan has a big day tomorrow and it is his 6th birthday no doubt his family has a lot to celebrate. i am sarah gannon, back to you. a dramatic high speed crash involving a woman driving a stolen jeep and it was all caught on camera. it happened at noon on the intersection of foot hill boulevard and 36th avenue. surveillance video shows the woman narrowly missing a pedestrian after colliding with another car. police say the jeep had been
5:49 am
stolen just moments before that crash. >> i would say he left the house running and he ran into the house to get something and when he comes back, the truck was gone. >> reporter: the driver of the stolen jeep died at the scene and the other driver was not seriously hurt. the boy scout executives meet again today about possibly ending a ban on gay members. the three day meeting started yesterday with the delivery of those petitions with 1.4 million signatures calling to an end on banning gay scouts and scout leaders. they are looking into whether or not to allow gay members and the decision is likely to come tomorrow. and they are launching appreciation month with two new service announcements.
5:50 am
they are applying for the civil grand jury and each county is required to have one by state law. it helps to improve operations and the governor helped to support this while he was mayor. there is a cons slayings prize for -- consolation prize for you fans of the 49ers. >> i am not kidding you pam, fans can get a free chocolate jello pudding in five locations around san francisco today. the first giveaway will be between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning on sutter street. jello will be given out at the bart station at 7:30 at the china gate on grant avenue and pudding wills be available on lumbard and hyde at 12:30.
5:51 am
>> nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of jello. sal, how is traffic? it is okay, we are getting more crowded if you are driving through the bay area, we are looking at the east shore freeway in berkeley and you can definitely tell, people are joining us for this commute and we are getting a crowd already although it's not super crowded but there is a small delay for some of the cash pairs. once you get on to the bridge, it does look good for san francisco and there is no major problems if you drive through to san mateo, let's go to steve. all right, sal? >> yes, steve. >> all right, i am ready, here is our front and when it bends out, it means they are dying. tenuous little rope there but it has moved some big fog and there is a lot of low clouds and fog around temperatures in
5:52 am
the 40s low clouds, that system is getting closer on the marin coast and mostly cloudy, high clouds this afternoon, the system could give a little bit of rain in mendocino county and i would think that would be about it. it is not picking up on all the low clouds and then the higher clouds will washout. san francisco's 48 and there is a lot of 40s around. it makes no sense. a lot of 40s here, a couple of 30s to the north and areas under cloud cover will continue to go up and we will have this system here on thursday one and done and it will bring a lot of rain and cold air. mostly foggy with a westerly breeze in place and that means temperatures are cool for most especially coast and bayside a lot of low 5 ostein colluding
5:53 am
-- 50s including san jose. we will have a little bit of a break and tomorrow does look mostly sunny clouded up with the system coming in but the cold air will take us into saturday and sunday and cooler and breezy sunday. the transportation safety board on a boeing 787 that had to make an emergency landing, boeing is asking the faa to make test flights to see if it could recreate those flights which may have caused those problems. they say those could come this week. and they are talking about the big jump in gas prices and the average for a gallon of regular is up 24 cents in a week. san francisco masks the state average but in oakland and san jose the price is $3.87 which is up more than 20 cents in the last week. plus you can get a free
5:54 am
buttermilk pancake breakfast, i hop is inviting customers to come and eat and the restaurant chain hopes to meet the $3 million donation total. do you go for the regular maple or any of the fancy syrups? >> any of the above. the growing pothole problem in one bay area city is searching for solutions even as it drives, drivers crazy. wait until you see this video, it is an incredible accident, you have to see it to believe it. ♪
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. we have a cool day mostly cloudy in the 50s. >> it was absolutely mind blowing, look at that. it is all caught on camera, it boat sank on the mexican coast, as you can imagine the boat was damaged and nobody was hurt.
5:58 am
in the u.s. and canada they are gathering in sunny veil. it stands for internet and law enforcement. they will be trading ideas of how to use social media to help fight crime and they will be hearing from experts in the technology world. they have many drivers in east oakland fed up. they say it is because of potholes and neighbors say paint page crews -- pg&e crews have filled in some holes but they are trying to support them for repairing thousands of hot holes and we have call them but -- called them but they have not returned our calls yet.
5:59 am
we are looking at the south bay to start off with, northbound 280 traffic looks good getting to 880 and there is no trouble, the drive time between san jose and cupertino is as good as it gets, southbound on the sunole grade, that traffic looks good heading to the bottom of the hill and in a few minutes we will have a look at the east bay. let's go to dave and pam. why the vote ignited a controversy on one bay area -- in one bay area city. a mother and her two children were rundown as they cross the street in pittsburgh. we will have your forecasted highs coming up, temperatures mainly in the 50s. stay tuned.


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